November 07

Hot Water Wonders

THE BENEFITS OF DRINKING HOT WATER: I bet you didn’t know all of the wonders of hot water… Would you believe me if I told you that it actually has the power to cleanse places…

November 04

Henny & Hoes, OOOUUU

Young MA did NOT approve this liquor! Here’s what happens when you don’t Trademark the most important parts of your brand. But yes, someone made a ‘Headphanie’ Henny.. and it wasn’t Hennessy.

November 03

Make Love Without Sex

Low Key Things (HE Does) That Build Intimacy: There are many ways for your man to show how he’s feeling for you. Not all guys are vocal about professing their feelings but if you need assurance that your relationship is on the right track, there are other ways that speak just as loudly and strong as the precious words we love to hear.

November 02

Meet Amaju Baraka

Could He Be The Next Vice President Of The United States? With the 2016 Presidential Race less than a week away, do you think the Green Party has a shot at leaving a dent? Is Green Party Nominee, Jill Stein, and running mate, Ajamu Baraka, enough to swing votes?

November 01

Casino Steak Jackpot

What would you do if you won nearly $43 million dollars at a casino, only to learn that they will only pay you in Steak?

October 31

Beyoncé Won Halloween

This is why Beyonce, Her mom, Tina, and Baby Blu, are the best thing that has happened to Halloween 16. “Salt-N-Pepa’s Here!”

October 30

That’s So.. Broken

While we are over-the-moon at learning that Raven-Symone will be reprising her role on Disney, we can’t help feel slighted by the storyline.

April 12

Democracy Jailers

What is the Democracy Spring protest about? This election year has been a whirlwind to say the least. Donald Trump is not only running to be the Republican nominee but is currently in the lead. Underdog Senator Bernie Sanders is slowly and steadily creeping up behind Hillary having won the last 8 of 9 primaries […]

April 11

Bill Vs. BLM

“This man standing up on that stage telling these protestors that he was such a saint and helper to the black community is farce. His inherent racism is the reason that he truly believes he helped the black community”

April 02

Revamping BKSocial

Please remain close to us as we revamp the site to bring you better performance and a new fresh insight. You won’t regret it.

April 04

Bey’s Anniversary Song

Happy Anniversary to The Carters!   Beyonce does a tribute song to her husband and kills it! Say what you want about Mrs. Carter but her vocals are on point. Did you know she was learning piano? Yup- she is. She’s Beyonce! Check out some pics of the couple’s dynamic chemistry! Feel free to tag […]

April 03

Uptown School Funk!

The Real Life Glee School! What this teacher and his students do to Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, will MAKE YOUR DAY. You have to watch this! This is the Coolest Thing You Will Watch Today- Guaranteed!

April 02

King Kunta Video Debut

Kendrick Lamar releases “King Kunta” video premiere, from his critically acclaimed album “To Pimp a Butterfly”, in the middle of Times Square.

April 01

Ouch, Tyga Got Served!

Look at Tyga’s face when he realizes the guy on line isn’t a fan but is there to serve him court papers during his sneaker release party. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

March 31

Disney’s New Mulan

Disney’s Mulan makes it to the big screen in a live-action movie. We share our choice for who would make a great lead. Tell us if you agree.

March 30

Jay Z’s Game Changer

“MJ at Summer Jam, Obama on the text, you should be afraid of what I’m gon’ do next!” – Jay Z launches his new project with just a tweet: “The Tides They Are-A-Changing. #TIDALforALL

March 26

Imitation Black Girls?

Do Black Men Prefer White Girls Who Purchase Black Features Over Black Girls Who Naturally Have Them? One college student speaks out on her tweet that started so much cyber controversy.

March 26

Michael’s Favorite Girl!

The incomparable Diana Ross turns 71 today! Many have imitated, but never duplicated. Find out why she was Michael Jackson’s favorite person. 20 Memorable Michael and Diana moments inside.

March 25

Who Made Tamar Cry?

Tamar Breaks Down Crying on ‘The Real’ over criticism about her looks. Which two stars help fuel the cyber campaign that has Tamar in tears? Is Tamar getting Dished What She Has Served, or is this meat from a different animal all together?

March 19

Strange Fruit in 2015

People are still being hanged in 2015!!! The FBI is currently investigating the body of a badly decomposed black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi, who is believed to be 54 year old, missing person, Otis Byrd.

March 19

Drinking While BLACK

Third-year College student Bryan Beaubrun, who said he witnessed the incident, said an ABC agent approached Johnson shortly after the bouncer at Trinity asked him to step aside after refusing to accept his ID.

“Martese was talking to the bouncer and there was some discrepancy about his ID when an ABC officer approaches Martese and grabs him by the elbow…and pulls him to the side.”

March 18

Sam Cooke Bio-Movie

What Kind Of Movie Is This? The family of Sam Cooke, supports and have given their permission for the movie, “Sam Cooke: The Truth” to be made about him. The family still believes that his death was a part of a conspiracy and that he was targeted because of his role in the Civil Rights Movement and the he record label’s mob ties.

March 17

Amerie is Back!

Remember how we felt the first summer we heard Amerie’s jam, “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?” – Well the feeling is back with her new jam “Out Loud” and it will have you pumped up like “One Thing” did. Listen inside!

March 17

Rihanna Hits ‘Home’

Rihanna’s Dreamworks role is a Dream for Little Brown Girls and Boys everywhere. See how Rihanna has inspired little kids with her new role in Dreamworks Animated Film, HOME.