Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 28

Ku Klux Klan Open Call!

Do you like to Burn Crosses, Lynch Negroes, and rock “All White Everything” (Hoodies, down to the dresses) while Harassing Blacks… err, fighting crime? Then there’s a job for you!   The KKK: Ku Klux Klan (Traditionalist American Knights) is inviting all George Zimmermans “Gym Class Heroes” to grab their capes, put an “S” on their chests, […]

July 28

Rappers CEREAL Brand?

Laugh all you want but with the state of the music industry, this idea might not be as far-fetched as you would believe. You could see these cereals on your supermarket shelves within weeks. Let’s face, Rappers are getting paid for crazier stunts – why not this?   2 CHAINZ for 2 GRAINZ: 2 Chainz: […]

July 25

Crazy Marketing Ideas

Or are the days of clucking chickens to promote business an archaic thing of the past? Even if you can’t help but to laugh at the over-the-top, creative, and sometimes borderline cuckoo methods of some business marketing efforts, DO THEY ACTUALLY WORK? And DO YOU SUPPORT?   The reason I ask is because I met […]

July 24

…Another Lying Label

BKLYN BEWARE: Another Day, Another Case of False Advertisement. Added to the list of shame, with the likes of Kashi and countless others, is PepsiCo’s NAKED drink line, which has settled out of court for the sum of $9 million dollars over a class action suit filed in 2011, that claimed that ‘natural’ and ‘non-GMO’ […]

July 22

Two Stages of Amazing

From Punk Rock to Hip-Hop, and Blues to House, Brooklyn’s largest and most diverse FREE music festival is back. On August 24-25, AfroPunk Fest will back for its ninth year and bringing with it an array of musical performances as diverse as Brooklyn itself.     Hitting the red and green stages are hip-hop legends: […]

July 20

The BKLYN Cats’ (Meow!)

Bring out the Furs, Bring out the Lace! Pucker your lips as they BEAT up your Face! Brooklyn (BKLYN) Fashion Week{End} is drawing near. October in Sunset Park will never be the same. Top Brooklyn Fashion Designers will pull out the stops, with all the bells and whistles, to bring the Drama to the Cats-walk.

July 20

Johnny Pumpin’ BKLYN

Remember Johnny Pumps, and Ice Cream Trucks? And the joys of Summers Past, in Bklyn? Those indeed, were the good ole’ days. There was a time when we weren’t aware of the things we didn’t have because we made due and always seem to have an abundance. We learned Wisdom at an early age and […]

July 19

“Not Rays, Not There?”

The corner of South Portland will never be the same. The scene has changed, but have no fear,  “Not Ray’s Pizza” is still there… sorta. The pizza shop has now moved to the center of the block, providing more chill space for the ever- increasing Fort Greene population.