Crazy Marketing Ideas

Or are the days of clucking chickens to promote business an archaic thing of the past?

Kickin' Chicken

Even if you can’t help but to laugh at the over-the-top, creative, and sometimes borderline cuckoo methods of some business marketing efforts, DO THEY ACTUALLY WORK? And DO YOU SUPPORT?


The reason I ask is because I met a Human Small Business Mascot, in the Downtown Brooklyn area, on my walk home yesterday and you would be surprised at what he was promoting… or maybe not – This IS New York!


After looking at the pic below, Can you guess what this Brother was Promoting in Bklyn?:

A.) Wigs

B.) Fortune Telling

C.) Tattoos

D.) Warrior Kilts

E.) The Gym


Danni 134

If you chose A, B, D, or E… (The Survey Says: “XXX”) – You are incorrect! This brother was promoting a Brooklyn Tattoo shop.

Moon TattooBody Piercing & Custom Tattoos, 491 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY poses the question of whether your Marketing idea is Good Crazy or Bad Crazy, and has even listed steps and questions to ask yourself, to find out how to spot the difference.


While we all laugh, there are very successful marketing ideas that have worked well in the past. When you are a new company, or an older one trying to stay fresh, it is your DUTY to create as much buzz as you can… especially when your Marketing & Promotions Budget is Non-Existent.


Here are Marketing ideas that have actually worked! “10 Wild and Crazy Marketing Ideas” by


In conclusion: It’s been a day and I am still thinking about the Brother promoting the tattoos. Although it was silly, and put him all the way out there… I remember what he was promoting. (Yikes!)


Hello Brooklyn: What are some of the creative marketing ideas that you remember, or have tried, that worked? SHARE with us!