Ku Klux Klan Open Call!

Do you like to Burn Crosses, Lynch Negroes, and rock “All White Everything” (Hoodies, down to the dresses) while Harassing Blacks… err, fighting crime? Then there’s a job for you!


The KKK: Ku Klux Klan (Traditionalist American Knights) is inviting all George Zimmermans “Gym Class Heroes” to grab their capes, put an “S” on their chests, and allow a fellow Knight to put batteries in their backs!




All joking aside: The Ku Klux Klan would like to recruit Residents Nationwide for a new Neighborhood Watch Program.


The kick-off began in Springfield, Missouri where residents received the poster below and a practice “brick through the window” starter kit small rock in a plastic bag in their front yards.


KKK flyer

kkk weapon


KY3 News contacted the “Klanline” listed on the flyer and was told that it was a part of a Nationwide flyer campaign to form Klan-sponsored Neighborhood Watch Groups that help the Police fight crime  stop & frisk.


They were also told that it was not about race and if a member (white, of course) saw a white guy ‘up to no good‘ they would alert police as well. (Bklyn Social Translation: if a white guy doesn’t get with their program, there will be consequences for him as well!)


Neighborhood Watch Programs don’t have the best reputation lately so this is not surprising. As one of our favorite movie theme songs of the eighties sings: “When there’s something strange in the neighborhood…” This is how BKLYN gets DOWN!



Brooklyn, is this enough to reunite the Guardian Angels of Restoration Plaza?

Hoodie Threat


Who needs ghost Busters when you’ve got Brooklyn’s African-American Street Patrol? They need to start recruiting ASAP.

Afro American Street patrol