Are you raising a Thot?

Or is your child simply too grown for their age?

Maybe your vision was never to raise your child to look like “Those Hoes Over There” and maybe you thought you were just styling your child to be as bad as Beyonce, or the next Basketball Wife, and things just got completely misconstrued and took a turn for the worst. Maybe- just maybe… (I’ll buy that- for some)

GROWN LITTLE TOTS or TINY LITTLE THOTS? Do you think these pictures are just a case of playing dress-up or are these innocents headed for a life on the pole because of their parental misguidance?

Baby Weave or Wig

I would have laughed this off as a simple game of dress-up, had this been taking in the house (or even on the stoop), but something tells me that this isn’t on this baby’s head for laughs. I think we can all agree that mommy dressed baby with a full bob to pass of as….? Yeah, I’m not sure.

But the jury says she still has a chance… if they remove the wig and never try again.

Let’s see what the next babygram model brings to us:

Thot lashes

Okay… yeah… nothing to see here folks!


Classic Thot Pose

Too grown or just Hood Fly?

But what do you say when they’re no longer adorable little kids whose parents could be fully blamed? What happens when they’re old enough to spell their names? Like this pic below…

Thotler grown up

This is what happens when your Momma wants you to be what she couldn’t.

And then we ask ourselves if there’s even hope for the unborn spawns of the seemingly fully developed Thots.

Thotler in oven

Is there hope for the Thotler in the Oven?

What are your thoughts?