Oscar Mind-Control?

Academy Award winning actress, and comedienne, Mo’Nique, has resurfaced this week to explain why she hasn’t been seen in many films since winning an Oscar for role in ‘Precious’ in 2010.

MoNique Oscar Win

According to Mo’Nique, she was told during a telephone conversation with film-maker, Lee Daniels, several months ago, that she had been blackballed.

Blackballed where? Blackballed how? Blackballed why?

Monique says she was Blackballed by the Hollywood community for her failure to “play the game.” When asked what game she didn’t play, it was explained to her that she didn’t make the “rounds” after she won, she didn’t do the press that was expected and she didn’t schmooze at the Hollywood party tables or couches, so to speak. It’s no different than reality show competitors who must make their rounds on the press and media circuits after winning or eliminations. It is important that you, the brand, go out and paint the picture that you were hired to paint.

Mo’Nique wouldn’t go into detail as to what exactly she wouldn’t do after winning but there’s definitely more to the story.

Speaking of “Life After the Oscars”, a preview of the $150,000k swag bags were just revealed and you won’t believe what “gift” inside was worth $20,000k. (Yes- $20,000.00!)

 Here is the reported list of swag in this year’s bags:

  • $5,000: “Couple’s Love Shot,” with the choice of an “orgasm shot” or penis-rejuvenation injection, from Dr. Charles Runels
  • $20,000: A year’s worth of Silvercar rentals (all-Audi fleet)
  • $1,500: Three nights at Villa Armena in Tuscany
  • $4,068: Ventura Lipo-Light liposuction and fat reduction package
  • $20,000: Session with the founder of Enigma Life, Olessia Kantor, to discuss the nominee’s “2015 horoscope, analyze dreams and teach them mind-control techniques”
  • $25,000: Custom-designed piece of furniture from EF+Facto
  • $14,239: “Complete Lifestyle Makeover” from Reset Yourself, including a kitchen “detox” and an organic cooking session with a master chef

Is it just me or does this gift bag seem a little controlling to you? Something about it doesn’t feel suggestive but expected. This is much worse than giving your boyfriend sexy panties that you like for HIS birthday.

I could see someone getting mad at a person for not partaking in the gifts in that bag. Whoever gave those gifts are the ones in control and wants to mold you into the perfect game-playing piece to do as they say.

I wonder how much the Mind-Control package was going for back when Mo’Nique was in the game. Hmmmm...

Makes me wonder.