Kanye Cloning Amber?

Is Kanye trying to turn Kim Kardashian into his next Amber Rose?

“…She’s got an @ss that’ll swallow up a g-string” 

Kanye, who once professed his admiration for then, arm-candy and flavor of the year, Amber Rose, got a little caught up in his his emotions, or lack thereof, and become disrespectful, when discussing his past with Amber and how it affected his present with Kim Kardashian.

In case you missed his candid interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 – “I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim” said West about Amber, after first saying, “It’s very hard for a woman (Kim) to wanna be with someone who is with Amber Rose.” (Ouch- said the slap, felt around the world.”)

You don’t have to be #TeamAmber to feel the disgust and hypocrisy from that comment. Because ONE: That’s an unspoken rule of exes- you never diss or discuss sexual pasts negatively.

And TWO (Insert Barney Stinson voice): “Haaaaaaaave you met… Kim?”


I’m not here to point fingers but… Pot, meet Kettle.

kanye runaway bird

I hate to point out the obvious but I think Kanye is still a little salty that his Appolonia (errr, Amber), let go of his hand and survived. It seems as if Kanye has been unsuccessful at trying replace her ever since.

Amber might have been a stripper, and may have even been Kanye’s walking accessory, but when she did play the part, she played it so well that she actually matched his “Fly” in a way that Kim has yet to do.

But I won’t try to convince you that Kanye is trying to recreate the #schwagg with Kim that he once had with Amber. I’ll let you be the judge: KANYE & AMBER or KANYE & KIM? Hmmm, where have we seen this before?


So please tell me again of all of the barriers that you’re breaking on the Fashion scene with Kim, Kanye? Because all I see is a repeat of everything you’ve done with the so-called “Dirty Amber.”

I rest my case.