Jay-Z’s A Tattle-Teller?

Is Dame Dash calling Jay-Z a Tattle-Teller?

Well actually… yes… and no.

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Dame Dash is suggesting that friend, and ex-business partner, Jay-Z, may have been a FEDERAL INFORMANT. Dash also alleges that Jay-Z might be the reason behind Kareem “Biggs” Burke’s 3 year prison bid. If that’s not enough to rattle your ears, Dame says there is PAPERWORK. (Jaw Dropped)

Dame finds it a little peculiar that many of his industry mates, Irv Gotti, Biggs, and himself included, have all had legal woes with the only possible connection being Jay-Z.  He said that he will give Jay-Z the benefit of the doubt but hopes it isn’t true.

jay-z-cuomoAccording to Dame on Sway in the Morning:

“There’s paperwork. That part of it scares me, because I know [Kareem “Biggs” Burke] is in jail. I know Irv Gotti has been harassed for years over s**t he didn’t do. I know they’ve been f**king with me for years. So it just means I need to stay over here.

I love Jay, but let’s say I found out any of that s**t – I can’t f**k with him at all. Because that’s how I was raised. It ain’t no disrespect. I don’t know how anyone else was raised, but that’s it. There ain’t nothing else to talk about.

It’s real serious for me… That’s the only conversation I could have with him [to] move forward… I have no more opinions about it until I have a one-on-one with him.”

Source: AllHipHop

For the full interview and to hear Dame’s gripes with Lee Daniels as well, click the video below:

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