Shoes Bring STDs?

STD (Shoe Transmitted Diseases) Your Shoes Have Cooties!

Leave them at the Door…

Removing your shoes before entering a home is not just an unspoken courtesy, an implemented house rule, or even just to prevent tracking dirt throughout the house- it’s actually GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Seriously! The germs that are found underneath footwear that have been outside are some of the most dangerous forms of bacterial causing germs that can be found.

no shoes

If you’ve ever traveled internationally then you know that choosing not to remove your shoes is not an option and could even be considered a form of disrespect.

Here are just some of the health problems that dirty shoes can cause in your home:

E. Coli (Short for Escherichia Coli): Which is known to cause sever cramps and diarrhea due to intestinal and urinary tract infections. E. Coli is the leading cause for bloody diarrhea and can cause more harm to children, elderly, and those already infected with other illnesses.

Pneumonia Bacteria: A source of bloodstream infections with symptoms that include: sudden onset high fever, shortness of breath, and even coughing. If introduced into the bloodstream, K. pneumoniae has the capability of causing meningitis!

Coliform Bacteria: (The most popular tracked germ) A type of bacteria that comes mostly from human and animal waste and causes intestinal illnesses.

Not to turn you into a germophobe or anything but think about how gross the city streets actually are! When spit in’t the most disgusting thing you can find on the ground, imagine what your shoes are picking up and bringing home.


Yes… we’re just as disgusted as you are. Blah!