HULK, the 175lb Pit Bull?

Meet HULK (Not Hogan)…

Just Your Average 175 Pound Friendly Pit


I would ask who needs ADT in the home with a 175 pound pit bull guarding the fort? Although Hulk is trained to be as protective as back alley, teeth grinding, growling pits – (the kinds that give pit bulls a bad name), when it comes to his family, HULK is the lovable, cuddable, GIANT family dog that allows 3-yr old Jordan, above, to ride him like a horsey. Hulk is a part of DarkDynastyK9s, a stable of dogs who have been professionally trained to protect humans when given the signal to do so.

Ummm… did we mention how big “Hulk” really is?

hulk 175 pound

Would you be able to handle Hulk in your home?