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You Can Win This House… If You’re Really Good!

Maine Inn

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own Inn… If you ever dreamed of living in Maine… If you ever dreamed of owning your own Inn in Maine… Look no further- You CAN afford this! Kinda… sorta. Yes, there’s a catch. But a darn good one!

This beautiful house is for sale in Maine. How much does it cost? A darn good essay. Seriously! The present day owner acquired this inn in an essay contest 22 years ago and wants to keep up with the tradition. You might wonder how the present day owner, Janice Sage, is able to make such a deal and that’s where the catch comes in at…

Each entry is $125.00. Sage estimates that maybe 7,500 or more people worldwide will apply, and could possibly surge the inn’s estimated $900,000, but she is unapologetic for asking for the entry money as she prepares for her retirement. After 22 years at the Lovell Inn, she feels she has earned the right to sit down more than once in a while.

How can you win? What are the rules?

Well besides being grammatically correct, your essay has to show passion and contain 200 words.The subject: “Why I would like to own and run a Country Inn”. Although Janice will not divulge the contents of the essay that granted her the inn, she doesn’t mind sharing tips on how to maintain the place… a few strings that are important to her.

Janice Sage

Unless you raise 14 kids, you’re not going to be used to this,” Sage said, referencing the needs of seven rooms a day, seven days a week in high season. “Look, this is something you start when you’re young. It takes a lot of stamina.”

Reading 7,500 essays also will take a lot of stamina, and Sage intends to read them all by May 17. She will pass along the top 20 essays — without names or addresses — to two people from the area whose identities also will remain a mystery.

The judges are charged with choosing a winner by May 21, and the transfer is expected to occur within 30 days after that.

The deal comes with strings. The new owner must agree to maintain the property as a country inn and restaurant for at least one year after the hand-over, keep the building painted white, and maintain the roofing and shutters in forest green, hunter green, or black.


But Wait… There’s More:

The winner will also receive $20,000 bonus to keep the inn running. The inn includes a wraparound porch, a cavern like kitchen, and 12 acres close to Kezar Lake.

Here is the link to the contest and official rules: Contest Entry

Even if you don’t win – At least it will challenge you to become a better writer!

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