Dame Dash is No Dummy

Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy, or Dame Dummy?

dame black and white

If anyone ever questioned which of the 3 best describes Dame Dash, in reference to Nas’ diss track to Jay-Z, ‘Ether’ – It’s definitely NOT Dummy.

In fact, Dame is far from dumb. Just 2 seconds in a room with him and you’ll quickly figure out where former apprentice, Kanye West, got his confident attitude from. When opened, Dame’s mouth is a fiery dart, that flies and hits its target before they even realize that they’re in a verbal ping-pong. He’s quick, he’s honest, and he’s direct. What better person can an Interview ever ask for? This guy is pure gold!

In Case You Missed His Power 105.1 Breakfast Club – YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!:


According to Dash: “If a man doesn’t want to be a boss- he’s not a real man”… Find out what else he had to say.


And there you have it. Let’s talk about it…