Will A Man Rob God?

Will a Man Rob God? How Have We Robbed Thee?

“In as much as you have done to the least of them…”

a creflo dollar
While you were sleeping this week, Mega Profit, Creflo Dollars, created a GoFundMe page, to raise $65 million dollars for a new private jet to ‘preach the gospel’ around the world. He has now since removed the page, hopefully because of the public backlash he endured once the internet and media sites got a hold of this information, but there are some things that just won’t go away – ever! I’m more disgusted at the fact that he has become so comfortable in asking for these material gains, that he doesn’t even care if it is frowned upon by the masses because he knows he can talk his way right out of it. (This is the same guy that stated he wanted to kill every member who didn’t give tithes, right?) He knows that the people will give it to him anyway because he’s trained his followers to believe that blessing him will eventually bless them. It’s a spiritual ponzi scheme where he’s at the top of the pyramid, with all of the wins, and his givers, who have put him there, are waiting at the bottom for crumbs of their seed to multiply and trickle down.

creflo and wife creflo jet

I have a word for Creflo’s Congregation. Though they might be blinded to his wiles, and though they are willing sheep who follow their shepherd to the slaughter, they are still my brethren and I am their keeper: Matthew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Dear Congregation, Your Pastor Does Not Need A $65 Million Dollar Jet!

creflo go fund me

Pastors do not, I repeat, DO NOT, need $5,000 pens (errr… Juanita Bynum) to sign checks with. And they especially do not need to raise $65 million dollars for a private jet to spread the Gospel (of Creflo). First of all, why are they making enough money to own privates and other outrageous luxury items when there are so many in their congregations struggling to make ends meet? Are these disciples of Christ aiming to be more famous than even Christ was? Major celebrities,like Diddy, who often project the life of luxury, admits that even he, does NOT fly privately because it’s too expensive, costing up to $50,000 per trip. You may have been taught by your Pastor that if you bless him, God will bless you, and although there is truth to being blessed for being a blessing, it wasn’t referring to private jets and mansions or overly exaggerated luxury goods.The fact that he was comfortable enough to ask that 200,000 people each give $300.00 is still bothersome to me. Most people are struggling to keep lights on and food on the table and he needs to fly private to separate himself from the very commoners that help put him on the plane?

The story of the widow woman and Prophet Elijah is what a true blessing looks like. #NotAPrivateJet!

Dear Congregation, His name stand for: “Create-a-Flow-of-Dollars. And you’re okay with that?

buzz and woody

“Create a Flow of Dollars” is not the good name that scripture was referring to when it stated that “A good name is rather to be chosen than riches.” Not only did Creflo choose a bad name, because the name alone leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and his character is so often called into question, known as being greedy and “all about his money” – but it bothers me most that his followers seem to be oblivious to it all. Whenever they’re interviewed on the matter, the regurgitate the same line time-after-time- “I love being a blessing to my Pastor and God will bless me for it” – Really?

Judge him not on the riches that he promised you will get… but on the content of his character:

Dear Congregation, Read The Scriptures for Yourself!


I know you’re waiting for the  “Windows of Heaven” to open up and pour you out a blessing you won’t have room enough to receive and I hate to break it to you but… The Window of Heaven is actually referring to rain. (Not to be confused with “Making it Rain”) It’s talking about the actual drops of water that rain down and shower down to fertilize your crops so that your barn (real bards) can be filled and overflow with the real fruits of labor: wheat, barley, fruits, vegetables, and those sorta things. Your barns are NOT bank accounts. The pouring from the windows of Heaven is not riches and gold!

You may disagree because you have probably reaped in abundance from giving and that is understandable. The universal laws of giving have not changed: What you give out, you will receive. – it’s that simple.

Well… I tried.

It is my hope that followers of Creflo, and other pastor’s of profit, will remove the fear that has programmed them into believing that a God whom they reverence and trust so much, would punish them for not contributing funds that they don’t have, to shepherds who already have more than enough to do the so-called work of God. Even Moses, in the desert, asked the people to stop giving when the need was met.

When will the need ever be met in these devil dens of Churches?