Fly Cars Like A Jetson

Flying Cars Are Here!

And it’s everything you wanted to be true from the Jetsons…well almost everything


Aeromobil, CEO, Jurak Vaculik, spoke today at SXSW about his 25 year-old longtime dream to fly cars, and his hope to release a 2-passenger, self-driven cars by 2017.  Many are calling these cars a millionaire’s toy hobby, an air playground for the wealthy, with models that start at around 275,000 for the base.

Check out this video to see the Aeromobil in action:

According to The Verge:

The first commercial product will be a two seater and include a parachute — AeroMobil is targeting 2017 for launch. It’s not clear whether AeroMobil will be able to actually achieve that goal, but it does seem like the first prototype is working. Speaking after the event, Vaculik said the biggest work that needs to be done revolves around adding all the basic safety component necessary in a car and an airplane. He also noted that the company is still experimenting with different engines and will be conducting crash testing soon.

Of course, that target market of “wealthy supercar buyers” is a clear sign that concerns about the price of flying cars aren’t going away. Asked about whether this would become nothing more than a “hobby for the rich,” expressed hope that the cost of technology always drops — but he also declined name a specific price beyond that it would be over a “couple of hundred thousand” Euro.

After that model, AeroMobile wants to release a four-seater flying car designed to be fully autonomous. If a the pie-in-the-sky dream of the flying car wasn’t enough, now you can hope for a self-driving/self-flying car. Because it’s SXSW, Vaculik said he was looking forward to “Flying Uber or flying Lyft.” And because it’s SXSW, it was fitting that we heard that Dean Kamen, the creator of the Segway scooter, is joining the board of advisors for AeroMobil.