Previously Owned Penis

S. African Doctors Perform World’s FIRST Penis Transplant

organ operation

Talk about harvesting organs! A team of surgeons performed a 9 hour penis replacement surgery, which resulted in a fully functioning organ for the transplant recipient.   This is the 2nd time this transplant has been attempted but the first time there was long term success. The surgery was performed in December at Tygerberg Hospital, in Bellville, Cape Town by Prof André van dee Merwe, head of Stellenbosch University.

The 24 year old, unidentified recipient had his penis amputated 3 years ago due to a botched circumcision he had at the age of 18 and doesn’t mind the fact at his newly transplanted organ belongs to someone else. He’ just grateful that his body has “accepted” the organ as his own, as has he, and is ready to move on.

The doctors made sure the donor was of the same race and that it was a good match cosmetically as well. Although the patient’s girlfriend declined to comment, we learned that organ is fully operational, as hoped for, and the patient has regained full function, including urinary and reproductive functions.

The couple is doing well and the patient is sexually active again and very happy.