Strange Fruit in 2015

Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree in Mississippi in 2015!!!

tree noose 2

the FBI is currently investigating the body of a badly decomposed black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi, who is believed to be 54 year old, missing person, Otis Byrd, who never returned after a casino trip, and has been missing since March 2nd. The story is still developing and the coroner will not release any information.

The FBI will not disclose if this is in any way related to Byrd’s past conviction which is public knowledge in his community:

Otis Byrd Paper

According to the Mississippi Department of Corrections, Byrd spent a little over 25 years in prison for the Feb. 1980 murder of Lucille Trim in Claiborne County. Records show he robbed her of $101. He was convicted of capital murder on October 28, 1980, and was paroled Nov. 2, 2006.

Trim is the mother of Martha Rainville, the first woman in the history of the National Guard to serve as a State Adjutant General when she became Adjutant General in Vermont in 1997. Rainville currently lives in Virginia and is married to the Hon. Paul McHale, a former congressman from Pennsylvania and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Otis Byrd

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