Who Made Tamar Cry?

Tamar Breaks Down Crying on ‘The Real’ 

Tamar crying 3

Anyone who knows Tamar, knows that she is dramatic, opinionated, and bold when it comes to speaking her thoughts. Many have often said that if she can dish it, she should be able to take it. But the question is: Is Tamar Getting Dished What She Has Served, or is this meat from a different animal all together?

Say what you want about Tamar all of the tea she’s been known to spill, but never have we heard her talk about someones face, which is a sensitive thing to any glamour girl’s ego. I know plenty of fans and #Tamartians who have personally met her and have had nothing but great things to say about her and how she made them feel.

Although she doesn’t go into detail about what made her get so choked up in crying, many who follow the show and the cyber wars know believe this has a lot to do with K. Michelle calling her a “muppet” and Chris Brown later joining the campaign. It got bad that Tamar had to ask her husband if it was true. Did people go to far in calling her a “Muppet Face?”

It’s really sad to watch but here is a clip from this morning’s episode that has us all in tears.

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