Imitation Black Girls?


Jazmyne Drakeford Tweet

“Why do SOME Black Men praise White Women who purchase black features, but criticize Black Women who naturally have them?”

When Jazmyne Drakeford, of San Jose State University, wrote the tweet above to voice her disapproval for SOME Black Men who compliment white women for buying black features, it created a cyber debate that it still going strong.

So Jazmyne took to her Black Nostalgia You Tube page to break down what led to the tweet and exactly what she meant by it.

Can you understand Jazmyne’s annoyance when women of other races are are put on pedestals for purchasing features that Black Women were taunted over? Skin color, hair styles, lip fullness, hips and booty, and even our attitudes.

Kim Kardashian is famous for the large derriere, Iggy Azalea for full lips, Jessie J for her nose…

iggy_azalea_booty Jessie J Attitude JLo-Iggy-Butt Kim K BootyKylie Jenner lips


White girl butt injection

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