Disney’s New Mulan

Disney Is Set To Bring “Mulan” To Life

Mulan Jamie Chung

Following the success of “Malificent”, the recent box-office goldmine “Cinderella” and the buzz of the upcoming “Beauty & The Beast” movie, Disney is now taking on “Mulan” to be the next live-action film headed to the big screen.

Mulan told the tale of a young woman who takes her ailing father’s place in the ancient Chinese military. Posing a man in the male-only army, Mulan must save her country from the invading Huns. We’re not sure who Disney Studios has in mind to play the lead character of Mulan but we wouldn’t object if they chose our favorite action star, and former “Nikita” lead, Maggie Q.

Mulan Maggie Q

Mulan Maggie Q2

Another favorite would be Once Upon a Star actress, Jamie Chung, up top, who already plays Mulan on the fan favorite ABC show.

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