That’s So.. Broken

While we are OVER THE MOON at the confirmation of our beloved Raven Baxter, returning back to her rightful place, as the reigning Queen of Disney Comedy, we only have one LITTLE issue.


TV Doesn’t Need Another Broken Black Family on Air




So… Am I the only one who has given great pause amidst the exciting news of the “That’s So Raven!” revival announcement earlier this week?


Yes, I was very happy when I learned that The Disney Channel was bringing the beloved show back to the air, and even happier to learn that Ravyn, herself, would reprise the role. What I was less than happy about, was learning the premise of the new revival.




Not all of the details have been provided, but what we do know so far is that Ms. Symone, will return as Raven Baxter, mom of two, who discovers that her daughter has inherited the gift that she possesses – Phychic Abilities.




Here’s where it gets sticky for me: Raven will return to Disney, a network known for fun FAMILY programming, without a full family. So this storyline will be absent of the paternal role, that most other Disney shows have. Raven, excitedly announced on the view, that she would be playing a single mother.


Wait… what?
Just to be clear, I have NOTHING against single mothers. I was raised by one. They usually have a lot on their plate handling the day in/day out affairs of themselves and their children and don’t get the breaks or rewards that they deserve. But this is different for me.

Why is this a big deal?


Because once again, the functioning black family, or lack thereof, is being programmed into the minds of watchful eyes everywhere. Once again, is it being shown that Black Love has no place on television (not even on the Disney channel)… unless it’s broken. We all talk about the propaganda of keeping the next Cosby Show off of the air, and the images that the media would like to drill into our skulls, but it is expected, on network television, where any concept that is thought to be different is accepted. It is not, however, expected on Disney and Nickelodeon to have television programming about FATHERLESS homes.


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With the influx of newer programming, heavily promoting interracial couples and gay love, I question if the black family has become a thing of yesterday’s past, on television… or if it will ever have its time again???


Right now, the only Black Love/Black Show, running on television:


BLACK-ISH -(Which we love) Yup, that’s about it.