Casino Steak Jackpot

$43 Million Jackpot or A Steak Dinner

You could have DOOR NUMBER 1: A $43 Million Dollar Jackpot

Or have DOOR NUMBER 2: (which is equally as great, I’m sure) – a free Steak Dinner

Hmmm… How should I choose?


Well in the case of Katrina Bookman… The choice was made for her. Meaning, she kinda didn’t have one. After trying her luck this past August, at Resorts World Casino, in Queens, NY, Ms. Boyd thought she had hit it big time, nearly $43 million dollars big, but instead was offered an unlikely alternative- dinner. A steak dinner to be exact.
Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Bookman, pictured below with winning casino machine, went to cash in her earnings but was told that there was a glitch in the system and to return the following day while they worked out the solution. Well she did return and you know what she was told??? That there were no earnings and that she could have a steak dinner instead.

How insulting!



Resorts World Casino explained to Ms. Bookman that a machine malfunction, which has since been fixed, is the cause of the false win. Ms. Bookman, and attorney, are planning a lawsuit to settle matters with the casino that doesn’t involve her receiving the free dinner.
“I would at least like the maximum that the machine pays out, then I could treat him to a steak dinner!” – says Booman.
We hope that Ms. Bookman, former foster child, and single mother of three, who has hopes of helping her community, is rewarded with a fair and decent settlement.

But we won’t hold our breaths.