Meet Amaju Baraka

Could This Be Your Next Vice President?



Someone left a crack in the door. Not a large crack, but one just large enough for Green Party Nominee, Jill Stein, and her running mate, Amaju Baraka, to stick their necks through, and let us know that they’re there.




Sounds like no big deal, right? Maybe. But when you think about the billions of campaign funds that were used in media and tour, to promote presidential hopefuls/opponent: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, then you understand that getting any media attention this late in the game, is no easy feat!


Meet The Green Party Hopefuls:


Presidential Candidate: Jill Stein


Here are her listed PROS in a comparison chart to Hillary



And now for the NOT SO GOOD STUFF:


  • Jill Stein’s entire campaign is based off of being the voice of the 99%, but she and husband are actual multi-millionaire’s, with an investment portfolio rumored to be anywhere from $3 million to $8 million dollars. Plus the half million dollars that she inherited from her family.

  • The very companies and industries that Jill opposes, are the very industries that her financial portfolio is invested in.

  • She’s anti-Israel, but is Pro-Russia.

  • Received corporate contributions from major companies like IBM, UPS and AON.





Vice Presidential Candidate: Amaju Baraka



  • Human Rights Activist with over 30 years of experience

  • Former Amnesty International Southern Regional Director, award winning ‘Abolitionist of the Year’ advocate for his role against the death penalty.

  • Founding Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network (USHRN), the first U.S. domestic human rights organization to use and apply international human rights standards to the country.

  • Vocal against the white supremacist efforts by government to “brainwash Black People” – (Yup, he said that)



  • Not a huge fan of Beyonce.

  • Arrested. (But wait… it was for protesting the Arizona Pipeline) maybe this should go up there… to the top.

So… with the election less than a week away, that will choose the next leader of our country, who will for the next four years, just how important is the undecided/swing votes? And does the Green Party have a fighting chance in hell?







Hill, not Jill? Or Jill, not Hill?