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November 04

Henny & Hoes, OOOUUU

Young MA did NOT approve this liquor! Here’s what happens when you don’t Trademark the most important parts of your brand. But yes, someone made a ‘Headphanie’ Henny.. and it wasn’t Hennessy.

November 01

Casino Steak Jackpot

What would you do if you won nearly $43 million dollars at a casino, only to learn that they will only pay you in Steak?

October 30

That’s So.. Broken

While we are over-the-moon at learning that Raven-Symone will be reprising her role on Disney, we can’t help feel slighted by the storyline.

March 26

Imitation Black Girls?

Do Black Men Prefer White Girls Who Purchase Black Features Over Black Girls Who Naturally Have Them? One college student speaks out on her tweet that started so much cyber controversy.

March 19

Strange Fruit in 2015

People are still being hanged in 2015!!! The FBI is currently investigating the body of a badly decomposed black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi, who is believed to be 54 year old, missing person, Otis Byrd.