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November 01

Casino Steak Jackpot

What would you do if you won nearly $43 million dollars at a casino, only to learn that they will only pay you in Steak?

March 17

Gun Shot App?

Calling the cops for at the sounds of gunshots might just be a thing of the past. The police may no longer need you once the app goes into full effect. The new Gunshot app that the NYPD plans to use will alert dispatch at the first sound, or possible sounds, of gunfire.

March 14

Will A Man Rob God?

Does the Bible say to give Creflo Dollar $65 Million Dollars for a Private Jet? No! It actually states the opposite and you should be offended that he asked.

March 06

Shoes Bring STDs?

Removing your shoes is GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! Not to turn you into a germophobe or anything but think about how gross the city streets actually are! When spit in’t the most disgusting thing you can find on the ground, imagine what your shoes are picking up and bringing home.

March 05

Jay-Z’s A Tattle-Teller?

“There’s paperwork. That part of it scares me, because I know [Kareem “Biggs” Burke] is in jail. I know Irv Gotti has been harassed for years over s**t he didn’t do. I know they’ve been f**king with me for years. So it just means I need to stay over here.

July 28

Ku Klux Klan Open Call!

Do you like to Burn Crosses, Lynch Negroes, and rock “All White Everything” (Hoodies, down to the dresses) while¬†Harassing Blacks… err, fighting crime? Then there’s a job for you!   The KKK: Ku Klux Klan (Traditionalist American Knights) is inviting all George Zimmermans¬†“Gym Class Heroes” to grab their capes, put an “S” on their chests, […]

July 24

…Another Lying Label

BKLYN BEWARE: Another Day, Another Case of False Advertisement. Added to the list of shame, with the likes of Kashi and countless others, is PepsiCo’s NAKED drink line, which has settled out of court for the sum of $9 million dollars over a class action suit filed in 2011, that claimed that ‘natural’ and ‘non-GMO’ […]