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November 07

Hot Water Wonders

THE BENEFITS OF DRINKING HOT WATER: I bet you didn’t know all of the wonders of hot water… Would you believe me if I told you that it actually has the power to cleanse places…

March 15

Previously Owned Penis

Talk about harvesting organs! The 24 year old, unidentified recipient had his penis amputated 3 years ago due to a botched circumcision he had at the age of 18 and doesn’t mind the fact at his newly transplanted organ belongs to someone else.

March 14

Farts Reveals Cancer?

Could your bodily gas reveal if you have gastrointestinal diseases, including colon cancer? This will really make you pay attention the next time you “Cut the Cheese!”

March 07

When You Can’t Get Up

You feel stuck in a rut and you’re trying to move but… You didn’t get broken in a day and it won’t take a day to fix it. “Disappointment-after-disappointment, relationship woes, and financial instability just chipped away at me slowly until I was too emotionally insecure to fix it. I started to feel like I was losing at everything my hand touched.”

March 06

Shoes Bring STDs?

Removing your shoes is GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! Not to turn you into a germophobe or anything but think about how gross the city streets actually are! When spit in’t the most disgusting thing you can find on the ground, imagine what your shoes are picking up and bringing home.

July 24

…Another Lying Label

BKLYN BEWARE: Another Day, Another Case of False Advertisement. Added to the list of shame, with the likes of Kashi and countless others, is PepsiCo’s NAKED drink line, which has settled out of court for the sum of $9 million dollars over a class action suit filed in 2011, that claimed that ‘natural’ and ‘non-GMO’ […]